The Holiday Season

The holiday season is an especially challenging time when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

There's all the food. Then, there's the busy factor — we try and stick to our workout routine, but fall short because we feel that we don't have enough time. These stumbling blocks tend to bring down those who have hopes of getting in shape "after the holidays" as well as those who have had a workout routine established for some time. For those hoping to shape up after New Year's, just a few huge meals can set you back even further from your fitness goal. And if you have an established routine, a couple weeks of lounging can really throw you off your game. There's good news though because we can enjoy the holidays and stay fit.

- Don't eat too fast and drink plenty of water
If you eat too fast, you'll often want to eat more. Drinking plenty of water during the meal can also help fill you up so you're not going back for seconds.

- Go extra on the fruits and veggies
Sure there are plenty of pitfalls when it comes to holiday meals, but most families include a host of healthy food for their special meals. Go extra on these so you're not more inclined to gorge yourself on the more sinful items.

- Make time for your workout
It's likely that you will miss a few workouts over the holiday, but don't give up. Workout when you can, before the trip to grandmas or while the kids play with their gifts.